Off the Rales

Elmhurst's Premier Homebrewery.

We believe the principles of the slow food movement should be applied to every aspect of life.

Time should be shared with friends and family making food and drink that enriches our lives and satisfies our sense. We began homebrewing in our small apartment in Minneapolis. Our first wort chiller was the February snow. From there, we grew our hobby into a passion and we now want to share it with the world. Great beer should be a part of every meal. We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us and create beverages that everyone can enjoy. Cheers!

Our Beers

Send Us Bock to Helles
7% | 35 IBU | 7 SRM

A malty lager with a dominating pilsner malt flavor. A slightly maltier, slightly more bitter, slightly boozier version of our Send Us Back To Helles.

Wienerversary Vienna Lager
5% | 30 IBU | 10 SRM

Another malty lager, but with hints of roast malt and a bit darker flavor than our Helles. Pairs perfectly with tacos and burritos and is positively refreshing on a hot summer day.

Send Us Back to Helles
5% | 28 IBU | 4 SRM

Our classic, light lager. Pilsner malt marries beautifully with the earthy, floral German hops to balance a perfect lager.

Blood Orange Helles
5% | 28 IBU | 4 SRM

Our classic Helles with Blood Orange added to produce a citrusy, malty wonder. Perfect on a hot summer day.

Async Await Belgian IPA
7% | 65 IBU | 9 SRM

The best of both worlds--we all love Belgians; we all love IPAs. Why not combine them and make a beautiful step child?

German Pils
5% | 45 IBU | 3 SRM

Our German Pils is one of our more bitter beers, despite its light color and flavor. The lager yeast lets the noble hops shine through, while the Pilsner malt makes an excellent backbone.

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